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Are We There Yet?

Just like a pigtailed kid in a pink gingham dress who is combatting the wave upon wave of nausea caused by the boat-like suspension and the velvet seats of an early 1980’s Chevrolet - we want to know, when do we get to the FAIR? We want to know when is it time for the [...]

Are you “F-ing it up” enough to WIN?

Let’s talk “F-ing it up.” Now, before you run to the bathroom to get the soap with to wash out my mouth…please hear me out! When I think of business success there are a few words that sum up the path to riches and results, and today, just like Sesame Street - you guessed it [...]

The myth making good entrepreneurs feel so bad.

The feeling is palpable. More bitter than sweet. And not the arugula or dark chocolate kind of bitter. The “don’t eat those poison berries” kinda bitter. Tired. Feeling like here just aren’t enough hours in the day. Maybe you’ve done the first round of E-mail or Facebook before you get out of bed, only to [...]

The trick to measuring your results

The trick to measuring your results When building a business, sometimes it can feel like things are taking fooorrreevvvveeeerrrr. You published a blog, you went on facebook and said hello to your group, posted a fab quote, you made a new LinkedIn connection. You feel like you are working hard, you put out the energy. [...]

Can I please see those in a 9?

The bright mall lights reflecting off the store windows were no match for unique design or perfectly placed sparkles – nay, twinkles - that caught my eye. “Oooooh.” Gasp and exhale. With swift breath and racing pulse I entered the store to my shoe destiny. They were one of a kind. Beautiful. So “Me.” Nobody [...]