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Listen, Honey!

YOU are here to shine.

To do that thing your soul is calling you to do.

And to get paid to do what you love, girl!

I’m here to help you do just that.

Sarena Miller BusinessBetterment

“Working with Sarena has been magical.”
Her advice has always been on point and I trust her with every business-related decision I make. She’s magic, like she waves her wand, gives her suggestions and Ta-da! New client!
Thank you, thank you, thank you for believing in me, my dream and my business!”
– Priscilla Jabouin

Priscilla Jabouin

Transform your biz
from “meh”


Maybe you’re brand new at this entrepreneur thing,
excited to follow your dreams
& make moolah from your passion
but you don’t know where to begin…

Or perhaps you’ve been working a business that has you
spinning your wheels – not getting you the results you crave.

If you feel overwhelmed, overworked & underpaid.

If you are finally ready to:

– grow & uplevel,

– show up & shine,

– make way more money sharing your genius &

– build your dream biz…

You are in the right place! Sweet!

The Business BettermentTM Method was designed to guide you Step-by-Step to Your Dream Business.

Your Emerald City.

It’s a time-tested & proven
pathway to Business Bliss.

Big Emerald

“My dream would be to work with Sarena every morning, every workday of the year!”
“She is moving, creative, efficient & knowledgeable. You can feel she has your success at heart, she goes over & beyond. Thank you Sarena!”
– Elizabeth Peladeau

Elizabeth Peladeau
Shooting Star

I’m Sarena!

Sparkly, unconventional Business Coach & Consultant helping bold, creative entrepreneurs just like you rock their biz to the bank!

Coaches & freelancers, executives, trainers, designers, artists, stylists & speakers, heart-centered helpers & healers, rebels, misfits, go-getters & freedom-seekers…

…all looking to make money from their passion!

Don’t let this fun demeanor fool you, I’m also the Chief Kick-in-the Pantser, and I mean business! I give you my “no-fluff-just-good-stuff” promise.

I can help YOU, too!Let's get to it - BusinessBetterment

Sarena Miller BusinessBetterment

“In the first four months of this year, I exceeded my sales of last year!”
“The tools that Sarena will give you (if you want to show up and do it) are there for you – and your life will be transformed. Achieve the goals you only imagined – sign up.”
– Sandra Smith

Sandra Smith -