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Make it IRRESISTIBLE! Got a biz that you KNOW people need, if you could only get in front of the RIGHT peeps? Want to pitch your talk, webinar or workshop? When you need to get in front of an engaged audience, your own – OR – someone else’s, you gotta “Pitch it Like It’s HOT!”, [...]

Are We There Yet? Just like a pigtailed kid in a pink gingham dress who is combatting the wave upon wave of nausea caused by the boat-like suspension and the velvet seats of an early 1980’s Chevrolet – we want to know, when do we get to the FAIR? We want to know when is [...]

Are you “F-ing it up” enough to WIN? Let’s talk “F-ing it up.” Now, before you run to the bathroom to get the soap with to wash out my mouth…please hear me out! When I think of business success there are a few words that sum up the path to riches and results, and today, [...]