Grow your business.
Make more money.
Have way more fun.

Find your Business Bliss with Sarena Miller and Business Betterment
It’s time to

live your dream

instead of just dreaming
your dream.

“Motivated by Sarena’s example and with the help of her programs, I have successfully transformed from a starving artist to a successful business woman.”
– Heather Boyd

Heather Boyd - Wire lady -

You can achieve whatever your heart desires…

It’s your time!

Time to own your magnificence, to show up & shine and to get PAID for doing what you love, that thing that lights you up…that has MEANING, PASSION & PURPOSE…

Whether you desire more freedom, adventure, travel, creativity, money, or FUN…

If you are ready to

  • to ditch the overwhelm,
  • bid frustration farewell,
  • to work less & earn more.
    (Work smarter not harder, amiright?)

You’re in the right place.

That’s EXACTLY why I created
the Business Betterment MethodTM

A step-by step system,
so you know EXACTLY what to do
first, second, third and last!

Sarena Miller- Come With Me -

This ain’t no “new kid on the block”

My “no-fluff-just-good-stuff” roadmap to GROW YOUR BUSINESS has already helped peeps just like you go from:

  • The frustration of a soul-sucking 9 to 5 – to the freedom of a meaningful (& rockin’) biz!
  • Scared sh*tless to sales superstars!
  • Hearing crickets when they bust open their piggy bank – to 6 figure incomes!
  • Uninspired & overlooked (dare we say boring?) – to unforgettable!
  • Constantly overwhelmed & scattered – to building scaleable systems & strategies with a real-world plan that works. (smarter, not harder, amiright?)
  • Scared & unsure – to clear & confident.
  • Feeling WAY more joyful, inspired & fired up!

Can I get a Hellelujah…I mean this SHOULD be fun right? You betcha!

“I would recommend the Academy for Business Betterment to anyone who’s either new in business or has been in business for a long time, but who has failed to see consistent results. Sarena has a unique method…It’s for anyone looking to get more focused, attract consistent revenue, develop a brand that truly reflects them and gain tons of confidence marketing and yes, selling!”
– Julie Bourbeau

Julie Bourbeau - Translation Services -

Real talk time.

(I am the chief-kick-in-the pantser after all, here to deliver some business broccoli along with biz-building pixie dust).

Here’s the thing:
You can achieve whatever your heart desires.

But it’s NOT just “make a wish upon a star.” (Yeah, we love star gazing too).

You gotta know:

WHAT to focus on;
And HOW to do it;
And WHEN to do it.

You've got to eat your Business Broccoli - Sarena Miller - BusinessBetterment -

So you aren’t wasting more time, money and energy doing the wrong things… or even the right things, but in the wrong order.

(Then you gotta re-do. More time, money & energy spent.)

Not to mention that horrible feeling of:

“Holy crap, I’m working all the time & doing all the things, and I’m still not where I thought I’d be, and ugh there are already a bajillion people out there doing this…and omg did I just get sucked into another 3 hours in the social media vortex, and will I ever make enough money?…

Don’t worry, babe. I got your back, Sister!
That’s exactly what I’m here for.

  • So you know exactly what to do first second third… and last.
  • So you can get the results your crave, and start living the dream, instead of just dreaming the dream.

The fastest way through Ikea?

  • Just follow the arrows or be doomed to wander aimlessly forever… (ooommmggg I just wanted a new spatula…)

Fastest way to success?

  • Follow a proven pathway!

Makes sense, right?

2 ways to work together:

Learn more about the Academy for Business Betterment online course! The Academy for Business Betterment

Create your own business bliss with the Academy for Business Betterment online courses!
A step-by-step, time-tested & proven pathway so you know JUST what to do… first, second, seventh & last!
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Learn more about private, one-on-one consulting using Sarena's time-tested & proven Business Betterment method!! Private coaching using my Business Betterment method

I only offer a handful of limited spaces for private one-on-one clients who are ready to roll up their sleeves, to invest in themselves & their dreams.
You’re the star! Now go get your ruby slippers on… I’ll simply show you the yellow brick road!
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“Whatever Sarena touches turns to success and I would recommend her work any day.” “I have had the pleasure of dealing with her on numerous occasions and she is a pro.”
– Erica Diamond
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