“My dream would be to work with Sarena every morning, every workday of the year!”

“She is moving, creative, efficient & knowledgeable. You can feel she has your success at heart, she goes over & beyond. Working with her gives you wings! I just loooove working with her!

Thank you Sarena!”

– Elizabeth Peladeau

Elizabeth Peladeau Lionzest.ca

“Working with Sarena has been magical.”

“Within my first couple of weeks in the program, I started noticing shifts in the responses I was getting from potential clients.

Her advice has always been on point and I trust her with every business-related decision I make. She’s magic, like she waves her wand, gives her suggestions and Ta-da! New client!

I am so glad I listened to my gut and signed-up for the program! Love, Love LOVE working with Sarena! Thank you, thank you, thank you for believing in me, my dream and my business!”

– Priscilla Jabouin

Priscilla Jabouin

“My business would not be where it is today without Sarena’s program.”

“I highly recommend to any entrepreneur who wants to build a successful business with real professional support. Sarena Miller is the real deal!!

Thank you. I am forever grateful you were always there to give me the kick in the pants I needed.”

– Liliana DeLeo

Liliana DeLeo TEDX Speaker

“Sarena’s gifted at what she does, and I feel fortunate to have found someone with such business intuition, insight and out-of-the-box thinking.”

“Whenever I came to Sarena with a variety of marketing or branding plans, Sarena would always be able to cut through the clutter, focus my efforts on the top priorities, and point me in the right direction.

When she combined her creative, business and artistic skills together for the creation of material for one of my online products, absolute magic happened.”

– Suzannah Baum – Public Speaking Trainer and Coach

Suzannah Baum - Public Speaking Trainer and Coach - SuzannahBaum.com

“My income literally jumped from $1, 500 a month to $ 9, 000 a month by the end of 6 months.”

“Clients are now contacting and seeking me out and the funny thing is at the moment I don’t even have business cards or a website yet!”

– Velcia Annell Scott

Velcia Annell Scott

“Sarena made my business.”

“I now have a business that makes money. I charge more and I am comfortable doing it.”

– Dr. Sazini Nzula

Dr Sazini Nzula - DrSazini.com

“Sarena is a firecracker. A dynamic, smart and capable businesswoman. Hearing Sarena speak is literally a breath of fresh air. I have had the pleasure of dealing with her on numerous occasions and she is a pro.”

“Whatever Sarena touches turns to success and I would recommend her work any day.”

– Erica Diamond
Founder & Editor in Chief Womenonthefence.com
Forbes Magazine’s Top 100 Sites For Women,
Forbes Top 20 Women In Canada,
Forbes Magazine’s 25 Most Influential Women In Business On Twitter,
Forbes Top 30 Under 30
Huffpost & Own Contributor.

Erica Diamond
Founder & Editor in Chief Womenonthefence.com 
Forbes Magazine’s Top 100 Sites For Women,
Forbes Top 20 Women In Canada,
Forbes Magazine’s 25 Most Influential Women In Business On Twitter,
Forbes Top 30 Under 30
Huffpost & Own Contributor.

“…in the first four months of this year, I exceeded my sales of last year!”

“The tools that Sarena will give you (if you want to show up and do it) are there for you – and your life will be transformed. Achieve the goals you only imagined – sign up.”

– Sandra Smith

Sandra Smith - StyleSandra.com

“Motivated by Sarena’s example and with the help of her programs, I have successfully transformed from a starving artist to a successful business woman.”

– Heather Boyd

Heather Boyd - Wire lady - HeatherBoydWire.com

It’s all the little tiny steps put together that create a new you and a new business – and it’s just been a fabulous experience.

So, I totally encourage you – go for it!”

– Kim Vergil Abstract Mixed Media Artist

Kim Vergil Abstract Mixed Media Artist 

“I would recommend the Academy for Business Betterment to anyone who’s either new in business or has been in business for a long time, but who has failed to see consistent results. Sarena has a unique method…It’s for anyone looking to get more focused, attract consistent revenue, develop a brand that truly reflects them and gain tons of confidence marketing and yes, selling!”

– Julie Bourbeau

Julie Bourbeau - Translation Services - juliebourbeau.com

“I am so happy that I did. What the Academy (for Business Betterment) has done is given me a different perspective about my industry and my business –

So, if you are hesitant – do it anyways. You won’t regret it.”

– Heidi Clavet

Heidi Clavet

“I was referred to Sarena by a friend…who had wonderful things to say, it transformed things for her. I decided to invest in myself and my business.”

“It more than paid for itself…My business has quadrupled.”

– Rosalie Levi – Interior Design

Rosalie Levi - Interior Design - RosalieLevi.com

“My business has tripled, and I have happy clients because I’m doing what I really love to do.

Thank you Sarena for helping me find my bliss…”

– Myra Ouwendyk

Myra Ouwendyk - FinalTouchSolutions.ca

“Going through this process with Sarena has brought me confidence in myself as an entrepreneur…. Sarena also has a way of getting you to go deeper and farther than you could imagine.

Incredibly knowledgeable about marketing and selling with integrity and heart, Sarena used her creative expertise to give me inspiring action strategies in manageable steps that I can implement one day at a time.

I finally have a marketing strategy I feel good about and I am moving things forward with confidence, clarity and focus. ”

“Hiring Sarena as my coach was the best decision I ever took to grow my business.”

– Stéphanie Wilbur

Stéphanie Wilbur - Stephaniewilbur.com

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