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Do you dream of creating a business that you wake up excited about?

Calling all Artists, Creatives, & Heart – Centered Entrepreneurs.

Like fields full of daisies. Lalala…
It’s Sproutin’ time.

Ready to create a lifestyle that allows you to to get paid doing what you love …and make a difference?

What about charging what you are worth, working when you want to, and enjoying travel or family time – on your terms?

Ready to attract the right clients who are excited to work with YOU!?

Dread the thought of yet another workshop or conference that pumps you up, then leaves you dangling… struggling with the same old habits and lack of results?

Feeling like you may not be – or know – enough?

I get it.

Many creative & heart-centered entrepreneurs feel that way.

How do I know?

I’ve helped people just like you transform their lives and their business from “meh” to magnificenttm for nearly a decade.

Here’s the thing:

You definitely ARE enough. You’ve got your ruby slippers on! (You’ve always had the power, my dear).

Grab your red ruby slippers!
With the right guidance, it’s all possible.

We can pull out all the good stuff swirling in your head, bust any overwhelm (POW)!

Creating a plan of action that will bring you results you crave.

There is no time like now.

All it takes is a decision.

Saying YES to you & YES to the world that needs your gifts…

Okay, maybe a little courage (you got this)
& somebody to hold your hand…

If you are brand spankin’ new or want to up level your biz, know that Business Betterment was created to guide you along a time-tested & proven pathway to success.

All you need to do is follow along the yellow brick road.
heather boydI have successfully transformed from a starving artist to a successful business woman.

Her step-by-step program made it easy to keep on track. All I had to do was open the door and follow the path to success.

Heather Boyd

As both artist & an entrepreneur, I understand the thoughts, feelings, the challenges, as well as the amazing opportunities & advantages that both artist & entrepreneur will experience.

I also understand what it takes.

That’s why after helping thousands of women transform their lives and businesses for nearly a decade, I created a signature system to help women go from frustrated to FREE.

From overwhelmed to overjoyed!
From stressed to success.


Business Betterment is a proven system & strategy so you can create a business you love and live an inspired life.

  • Get unprecedented amounts of clarity & focus
    (Bye-bye overwhelm, you’ll know just what to do first, second, third…seventh…and last!)
  • Find your flow, that energy sweet-spot
    so you can get more done in less time.
  • Gain copious amounts of confidence
    in your abilities, uniqueness and value.
  • Become great at selling, (or at least pretty comfy) in a way that feels organic & easy. (And definitely not sleazy).
  • Uncover how to brand like a boss so you can stand out while feeling authentically like YOU!
  • Learn the secrets to writing compelling copy that connects, enchants your audience…and of course, converts into SALES!
  • Stay inspired & stay on track,
    with consistent actions that will bring you results.
  • Discover accountability.
  • Add more soul to your work –
    for more joy & more profit!
  • Have more fun.

You mean, this should be fun? Yes, indeedy.
Your business – your SOUL WORK, is an expression of joy, love and service.

Yes, you can have fun, find meaning & make money.
In fact, it works best that way!
How cool is that?

It’s time to live your dream, instead of just dreaming the dream.


It ain’t all skittles and sunshine!

Don’t let this fun and sometimes soft demeanor fool you!

I like to give it straight, and sometimes it’s a straight little kick in the pants!

Your shot of “you can do this” reality &
a dose of real-business medicine.

broccoli with sprinkles! ;)
And you certainly won’t find any get-rich-quick promises here. Nuh uh.

Yes, things can happen fast, very fast. Especially in our interconnected, online world!

But this is work. Real work. Purpose-work.



So you attract the clients you LOVE to work with!
And who love to work with YOU!

So, if you are ready to MAKE THINGS WORK, then I welcome you, warrior!


There has never been a better time for change-makers, artists and coaches to thrive!

My clients come from all levels of business, from newbies with just a spark of an idea, to already-successful entrepreneurs looking to up-level or shift their business, adding more soul to their work – and profiting from it!

Sometimes after they have already dished thousands on courses or coaches that make a million promises… but when they crack it open it’s way more fluff than good stuff.

And fluff is really only good when it’s of the cotton candy variety.

(Okay, and maybe the occasional belly button lint)

Cotton candy on a wooden stick
If you are ready…

  • Ready to say yes to you, to step into the life you are truly here to live…
  • to create, to be free…
  • to be happy and feel a deep sense of purpose and joy in the work that you do…

I’ll meet you there and show you the rest of the way.

Book a Betterment 60 minute session with Sarena!

We’ll take a look at where you are, and you’ll get super-valuable insight about what you need to do next to transform your Business from “Meh” to Magnificenttm. Of course, it comes with my “No Fluff Just good stuff guarantee”
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Book my 60 minute Betterment session with Sarena!

“20 years from now we will be more disappointed by the things we did not do, than the ones we did” – Mark Twain