2 ways to a (much) Better Blog :: The Butterfly Test

Does your business pass the Butterfly Test?

I love sharing thoughts and wisdom with my peeps to help them grow their biz. Reaching out through writing is a GREAT way to really connect with your audience, and yes…build a larger one.

I will also be the first to admit, when it comes to sharing with you, I don’t always get everything perfect. From the consistency to the copy, some days it flows with beautiful buttercup-infused inspiration…and some days it comes down to a quick and easy something or other to hopefully inspire. And like most, there are those days when it doesn’t come at all.

Now, keep in mind, with this butterfly principle, when I say blog I mean ANYWHERE you communicate with your audience, your “newsletter” or the stuff you share on Facebook. It’s the way you serve your peeps.

Here are somethings to keep in mind to help you ace this and up the ante!

1. Give the people what they want!

And what they want is you. Not some generic platitudes we’ve all heard a thousand times before. That quote about positivity flying around facebook can be one source of inspiration, for sure, and it can be so wonderfully easy…ah…so easy….I will admit – I sometimes do it, too. It can be a good thing when used in moderation, but if you have been resting on your laurels with this one, here comes a little challenge and a shot of business reality. Ouch.

You really have to weigh it against the grand scheme of things. And by that I mean your own voice, your own brand, what you are capable of, the value that YOU can deliver – how you are perceived and REMEMBERED – and importantly the results it all brings.

If you are spending so much time on the first method just like everybody else, because “better done than perfect” or for the sheer simplicity…how can you develop the latter, more exciting, fruitful voice that is lurking inside just wanting to declare your awesomeness to the world?

And is it really worth the ‘few minutes’ if at the end of the day it all goes unnoticed, unremarkable or it’s just…well…”un-buy-worthy?”

Why be “Meh” when you can be Magnificent?

That strategy needs to be weighed, challenged and stretched. One way to combat this is this: I like to give action-ables! You have solutions to people’s problems and you have a path to their desires. So give the people what they want…and they will love you for it! It doesn’t have to be EVERY time. Sometimes that’s inspiration, and sometimes it’s a good ol’ kick in the pants. Sometimes it’s a how-to guide and sometimes it’s advice that defies conventional wisdom.

Aim for certain percentage to start, and try to stick with that! If you can do one out of four, bravo! Then build up from there! Make a list of 10 things you can share that will solve a real, specific problem and go from there!

2. It’s Entertainment! (cue Jazz Hands)

I always say, you gotta aim to make it a “yay” everytime your writing (in whatever form) pops into that inbox. Sounds like a tall order. It is.

There are just a couple of blogs that I actually look forward to reading even after many years. Actually, make that one. You can find her here: www.themiddlefingerproject.org. Ash Ambirge. If you are a client or friend, you’ve heard me rave. I laugh, I cry, I nod I smile, I “Yes” and with every sentence I am entertained.

There are VERY few people who can do this. And even the most exciting new voice can soon fade. That’s okay, it’s the circle of life. And what floats one person’s boat is not what will for another. Which is AWESOME! There is a perfect somebody for everybody.

“Okay, Sarena, so how does that help me” you may ask? I feel you. Now…don’t get paralyzed.

It simply sets a new standard. While it isn’t always achievable, being an “inbox YAY” should remain the goal. That target. That bullseye. Some writing will be fast shots taken during a stolen moment, some will aim true after hours of painfully sitting with your bow pointed at that red dot. Some around-the-back trick shots will at first be utterly ridiculous, then over time, be the only ones you want to even take.

There are many ways to do this and the first way is to tap into your natural personality and show it to the world! Make it visual, make it emotional, don’t be afraid to push the boundaries. Get personal. Get real, get raw. get funny, go gothic, be humble, be unapologetic, be bold, be brave. Be controversial. Make it USEFUL, make it interesting, tell a story! As long as it is natural and it is YOU. The things you truly, could and would say without too may filters. The way you’d speak to a friend.

The Butterfly Test

There is one thing I have noticed after all these years and it’s this: the more afraid I am to push publish, the better the response. It’s uncanny. Playing it safe may get a like or two, but when that “should I or shouldn’t I” comes into play, when I want to hold off …when I bare a piece of my soul or give some hands on help that can truly make a lasting impact – that’s when the thank you e-mails pour in, when the “I feel you sister”s come bouncing into my inbox, when the “you changed my biz and the way I look at things” come pleasantly knocking.

So, if you have butterflies in your tummy, it’s a good sign.

Try pushing send and see what happens. You may indeed, tick off a few, but find lifelong fans. One thing is for sure, there will be a lot less “meh”s.

(This post is responsible for 436 butterflies).

Caveat: It takes practice and courage and importantly the DESIRE. I am so much better than where I was – and still far from where I could be. But I have my eye on the red dot. And I am committed to getting better, pushing my own boundaries…stretch outside my own comfort zone and growing over time.

So…Make people WANT to read what you have written, don’t just do it because it’s something you have to check off the list.

If that’s the case, I’ve got a lot of pinterest quotes to sell you.

(That last line officially responsible for 411 butterflies).


With love,



About the author: Sarena is the Chief Kick-in-the-pants-er, Business Blossomer and Soulful Sugar Sister who helps people transform their businesses from “meh” to MAGNIFICENT. With the heart of an artist and spirit of an entrepreneur, she dishes sugar & spice advice so you can make more moolah from your passion. Her refreshingly down-to-earth and down-to-business approach brings both JOY & RESULTS to her beloved clients.