About Sarena

My yellow brick road to business bliss.

Sarena Miller

Whether you are just starting out & ready to make some moolah from your passion or calling, or…

If you have been struggling to up-level your business, or feel frustrated by the lack of results, and you are ready to start making more moolah (like, yesterday).

If the never-ending promises of ‘6 weeks to 6 million dollars’ BS makes you want to throw up in your mouth a little…if you are overwhelmed, spinning in circles, ready to finally make the leap to a life of meaning and freedom…

…but you just don’t know WHAT to do next or where to turn;

I’m here to say: Hold tight.

You are not alone.

Sunny skies ahead, sister!

I understand what that feels like, how frustrating and overwhelming it can seem to build the business of your dreams.

With the right support, guidance and commitment to your own brilliance, things can turn around.

Rosalie Levi

“I was referred to Sarena by a friend…who had wonderful things to say, it transformed things for her. I decided to invest in myself and my business.

My business has quadrupled..” – Rosalie Levi


Sarena Miller

Hey, I’m Sarena, Chief Kick-in-the Pantser & Business Blossomer and I help women transform their businesses from “Meh” to MAGNIFICENT.tm That’s my jam.

Through the Academy for Business Betterment, I help other women completely transform their business and lives, and I’ve done it over and over and over again. with wickedly-awesome results.

My clients come from all levels and industries. From newbies to million-dollar business-owners, all needing some Sarena-style guidance.

Dr. Sazini Nzula

“I now have a business that makes money…instead of a charity.

I charge more and I am comfortable doing it.” – Dr. Sazini Nzula


We’re talking real-world strategy and tools, a “no-fluff-just-good-stuff” promise and a BIG dose of “you can do this” business medicine.

And yup, it means the occasional kick in the pants, but of course it comes with stardust and magic, a pixie parade and a band-aid for the ouchies.

I understand what it feels like.
I know what it takes to make it happen.

I’m also a creative, an artist! My first-ever business started at 5 years old, going door to door selling my handmade greeting cards.

And they could have been yours for only 25 cents.

And people bought them.

Thus began my artistic and entrepreneurial adventures.

Like you, it was always about freedom & creating, not having a 9-5 that sucked my soul dry, but doing work that allowed me to make a difference AND make money, to live the lifestyle that I knew was possible, even as a star-gazing kid.

This soulful, kick-butt, vintage-loving vegan wants you to know that…

This is about YOU.

Erica Diamond

“Sarena is a firecracker. A dynamic, smart and capable businesswoman. Hearing Sarena speak is literally a breath of fresh air. I have had the pleasure of dealing with her on numerous occasions and she is a pro.

Whatever Sarena touches turns to success and I would recommend her work any day.” – Erica Diamond

Founder HADRY hadry.co/
Founder and Editor-In-Chief, WomenOnTheFence.com

FORBES Magazine’s Top 100 Sites for Women,
FORBES Top 20 Women in Canada,
FORBES Magazine’s 25 Most Influential Women In Business on Twitter,
Forbes top 30 under 30

YOU are here to shine.
To share your gifts.
To do that thing that your soul is calling you to do.

If there is one thing I know from doing this work a long time, it’s this:

There are people who need you to show up & shine.

And the great part: There has NEVER been a more auspicious time for change-makers, rule-breakers, creatives, heart-centered entrepreneurs (or ANY entrepreneur) to create a life that lights them up, to do work that moves them, to thrive, to bring light to the world…and to make money doing it.

But you gotta know what to do and when.
What to focus on & when.
It isn’t “make a wish upon a star.”

If you have had enough of promises, of copy & paste formulas that feel incredibly phony (there is only one you), if you are tired of waking and not knowing what to do to move that needle, if you are READY TO ROCK, already:

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Dagmar Daghofer

Sarena’s work ethics, warmth and business moxie is unsurpassable.” – Dagmar Daghofer

Travel Designer and Consultant

Galit Lazar

“Working with Sarena is working with a friend and a trusted adviser. You get more than what you paid for. Very warm, funny, and authentic, Sarena has a lot of wisdom and experience in business and I learned powerful techniques and tools to move forward with my business.

Working with Sarena is a unique experience. I highly recommend you hire Sarena you will never regret it, you are in good hands! ” – Galit Lazar


Barbar Minorgan

“Sarena…all the words in the dictionary cannot cover how I feel about her and her work ethic. More than just great ideas – she has follow through and fulfilled on each and every promise she made to me. She keeps you focused so you do not lose sight of your goal. I cannot recommend her enough, and I guarantee you will not be disappointed.” – Barbara Minorgan

Author, speaker, coach.

“Eye opening and extremely helpful in a very concrete way.

I encourage anyone, who is serious about their business, to get in touch with Sarena because it will accelerate their way to success as it does me.”
– Pierre Benoit, CHt, RCCH, CT.NLP

Registered Counseling Clinical Hypnotherapist

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